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My Betty was the daughter of Thomas Sutcliffe & Mary (nee Sutcliffe) of Pasture, Barrowford. Thomas’s father was Henry Sutcliffe of Heptonstall. Mary’s was Barnard (Bernard) born Abt 1873 at Pasture. We believe he was 1 of 14 known children of Joseph Sutcliffe & Nancy. Due to work commitments, this is as far as I’ve got. I’ve got a list of baptisms for children of Joseph & Nancy from Colne Particular Baptist Church/Chapel.
There are some cottages near Pasture and above the door of one of these is a stone with the initials BS. I was told that the initials stood for Barnard Sutcliffe but not the Barnard that I have. There is another Barnard prior to 1783 who is thought to be the builder.
All hearsay at the moment as I’ve no proof.

Pasture is/was a farm near Spittlefields at the top, and to the north, of Pasture Lane, Barrowford - West Pasture is/was a farm near Fulshaw to the south of Pasture Lane Pasture gate was/is on the bend half-way up Pasture Lane where the track leads to Cherry Tree, this is the access road to Pasture Farm. In CCRs of 1662 Christopher Blakey of Pasture pays rental of £0:1s:0d

1851 Henry Sutcliffe of Pollard Row, Barrowford, born Heptonstall about 1784. This is interesting because a Gamaliel Sutcliffe, of Stone Shey Gate, Heptonstall, bought part of the Park Hill Estate from a Mr.Yorker whose forebears had purchased it from the Bannisters. Gamaliel proceeded to sell part of the church choir (of the Bannister Chantry) at Colne Parish Church to a Mr.Parker. Unfortunatley this was not legal and led to litigation with the Bannisters.

Pollard Row, as far as I can tell, was next to Sutcliffe Street and Jonathan Street, below Sutcliffe’s “Bogmoriles” Mill on David Street (street still exists). As a Christopher Sutcliffe owned most of the land, and property, in this area it seems likely that he would be related to Henry. The fact that Henry and Gamaliel came and settled in Barrowford, from Heptonstall, would also appear to indicate a connection between the Sutcliffes of the two areas. To purchase part of the Park Hill Estate meant that Gamaliel must have been quite wealthy, although, at this stage, I do not know how much of the estate he actually did obtain.

One of the Sutcliffes built the large four-storey  building (now gone - see sketch drawing), in the 18th century, that stood in the centre of Barrowford, now a garden and bus lay-by next to Bannister’s Bakery. The family also owned much of the land next to the main road through the village right down to the Nelson boundary.

Thomas Sutcliffe, and his wife Grace (Hartley) lived at Bank Hall (now the Lamb Club) and built the porch and wing part of the building in 1696.

1807 Henry Sutcliffe (HLW) and wife Betty lived at Laund - they have:
Dtr Jane bap 1804
Dtr Mary bap 1806 and married a Wm Nutter ( son of Thos) 1840
Dtr Jane bap 1807
Dtr Ann bap 1814
Possibly other children.

I think the Laund above refers to the Old Laund area of Wheatley Lane (now Fence). This building was occupied by the leading families from the area for centuries (Bannisters, Hargreaves, Robinsons).

1551 Ellen late wife of John Sutcliffe surrenders a farm at Overbarrowford (Higherford/Blacko) at 7s 8d to Bernard Sutcliffe. Probably about 37 acres, Stone Edge at a guess.

1691 John Sutcliffe father Thomas baptised at Stone Edge

Colne Wills: available from Preston Records Office:

John Sutcliffe of Pasture    1616
John      "                 "          1664  yeoman
John      "                 "          1673
John      " of Lwr Fulshaw   1820  Pasture, Barrowford

Oddie Sutcliffe of Barrowford     1828 Lived Halstead Lane
Thomas   "                   "                1796
Thomas   "   Primet Bridge Colne 1683
Thomas   "  Hubby Causeway      1829  Barrowford (opp old St. Thomas Church) yeoman
William    "   of Barrowford         1814  yeoman   

After description of house plan at Lower Fulshaw or Pasture.....early 18th c date suggested......Bernard Sutcliffe, yeoman, who probably built the house had a son Bernard who died in 1674: his sister Margaret died 1722 and inherited Pasture: she married Henry rycroft who died in 1710. The farm was variously called Fulshaw, Pasture and Rycroft's farm:.....Doreen Crowther has deposited work on this at Pendle Heritage Centre....... identification of details from three wills all of which list inventories Par.Reg. and 1803 Survey of Barrowford.

Scope and Content] Admission in Halmot Court of the Forest of Pendle of the Manor of Ightenhill: before Thomas Grantham, deputy steward for Ralph, Earl of Montagu: fine 2/-: Robert Mitchell, by John Ormerod of Yatebanck & Sarah his wife, to George Greene of Barrowford -- messuage & lands in Barrowfordbooth, in the tenure of Richard Adington alias Slater & John Sutclife --

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